Natalie Dietz — Press Quotes



Monday, 18th September 2017 23:57
"Her striking vocal sensibilities soar above the ethereal clouds…she truly has a new lyrical way of comprehending a song with pauses and moments; beautiful and complex notes that are rare, which dance around the melody in a new and unique way"
- That Jazz Girl Australian jazz blog, April 2017
Wednesday, 28th December 2016 22:44
"Dietz’s graceful and expressive vocals rove and shimmer alongside her band’s creative and delicate partnership"
- Boston Concert Reviews, December 2016
Monday, 31st October 2016 11:11
"Her arrival to the United States has been met with fast acclaim..Natalie's vocal prowess is equally matched in her skills as a young composer"
- Hot House Jazz, November 2016
Tuesday, 11th December 2012 15:40

"Australian singer and composer Natalie Dietz is a sharp writer with a clear, unaffected singing style"
- Jon Garelick, ArtsFuse Boston, August 2016
"Natalie is the complete package, as she not only has a fabulous voice and an appealing bandstand presentation, but she is a gifted writer"
- New Zealand jazz critic John Fenton, Dec 2013

"Dietz's music is delicately fragrant and atmospheric, a new brand of jazz perfume, wafting and seeping into one's consciousness... a new form of jazz poetry. Her own. And her voice is hypnotic"
-Australian Stage, August 2013 (FOUR STARS)

 "Natalie Dietz is an incredible singer with a beautiful clean and warm tone quality, in tune and a sense of space and phrasing. She's supported by some of my favorite young lion musicians and the result is outstanding. This music absolutely needs to be heard "
-Lionel Loueke, June 2013

"In the clotted deluge of jazz vocals, Dietz's offering floats to the top by virtue of its light touch and grace"
- All About Jazz, July 2013 (FOUR STARS)

“One of the leading lights in a brilliant new wave of original music coming out of Sydney.” -Australian Jazz pianist Gerard Masters, Dec 2012

“A young woman with much to say. She writes and already has, not just a semblance of her own distinctive style or stamp, but a clear idea of where she's heading with it. She has, no doubt about it, a sense of herself and it manifests in a cohesive set of songs, delivered, largely, with wordless eloquence.”
- jazz.org.au, May 2012